Welcome to CCD Couriers

At CCD Couriers, we do more than simply deliver packages. We connect people, bringing them together safely, securely, and on schedule. It’s what we’ve been committed to since 1995, and it’s what we pride ourselves on – building relationships with our clients and helping to solve their challenges through innovative technological solutions.

Because at CCD Couriers, we don’t just meet our clients’ needs. We exceed them. We don’t just work with our clients. We build a partnership with them. And we don’t just deliver forward and reverse logistics, warehousing, and AML, FICA, RICA and PCI compliance. We evolve, we innovate, and we surpass, delivering quality every step of the way.

We deliver solutions with collections, deliveries, and a professional call centre.

We deliver securely thanks to stringent security measures.

We deliver innovation with advanced technological solutions.

We deliver on schedule to metropolitan and rural areas across South Africa.

Our services

At CCD we know that your business has unique needs and goals. That’s why we tailor-make our services to ensure we meet those needs to the best of our ability.

CCD Couriers Deliveries


We’ll collect your packages directly from you, and connect with your clients on your behalf. No stress, no fuss.


We’ll arrange a delivery date and time directly with your recipients, taking care of the entire process for you.

Call centres

Our highly trained call centre agents will deal with any queries you may have, helping to facilitate your delivery needs.