Our services


We know how valuable your time is – that’s why we’ll always come directly to you, saving you both time
and money. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions and years of experience in the industry, we have the
necessary infrastructure to safely collect a variety of packages from you, including:

  • Bank products
  • Mobile devices
  • Valuable documents
  • E-commerce goods
  • Valuable fast-moving consumer goods
  • And more


Collecting your packages is only half the job – delivering them safely and on time is the other half. To ensure that your packages reach their final destination as quickly and securely as possible, our call centre agents and couriers work hand-in-hand, utilising our innovative technological solutions to ensure your packages always arrive on schedule.


At CCD, we’re all about connection – connecting with you, connecting with your clients, and ensuring that you’re always able to connect with us in return. In order to keep our lines of communication open, our multi-provincial call centres are located in six of the nine provinces across South Africa, with the ability to make more than 24 000 calls daily.